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About The Crescent Order

Greetings friends and visitors, and welcome to our player association forums. The Crescent Order is a group of people gathered together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship to combine our vision, ideas, and energies to maximize our enjoyment of the various massive multi-player online games we are involved in.

Established in the year 2001 to play Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), TCO has evolved to become a multi-game guild, currently engaged in EverQuest2 (EQ2), World of Warcraft (WoW), EVE, Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO), and now Star Wars: The Old Republic on both sides of the galactic conflict. Throughout its evolution, one bar has remained constant for the group: The over-riding goal of creating and maintaining a fun atmosphere, conducive to the ongoing success and enjoyment of its membership.

It is the pursuit of that goal which helps create an environment inclusive towards many different playstyles. From hardcore to casual, combat to crafter, or achiever to socialize, TCO strives to welcome all areas of game play. The goal of TCO is the enjoyment of our members in whatever game we play, in whatever area you wish to play in.

Please read this for more information on TCO and TOR. And don't forget to visit all of our forums to see what's going on today. Enjoy!

**IMPORTANT** New recruits and returning TCO members visiting this site for the first time: Please read this post before doing anything else. It outlines all the procedures necessary to get your membership up to date and functioning properly. The contact list for being guilded is TOR specific, but the rest of the post applies to all of TCO. Thank you.

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