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Is this Goodbye..?

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    Is this Goodbye..?

    I got a note from Rodo on the closing of these forums. So many good friends, so many good memories through some awesome games, SWG, EQ, LoTR... others I'm missing. I recall the hours spent online with so many of you and having so much fun in the process. Looking forward to the time when work was done so we can move from the forums and all the hot topics that were part of our day to day lives, and into the games we played... where time could seem to almost stand still when groups were rolling and the chat was booming.

    I miss those days but understand like you all how life changes.

    Take care my friends, good luck to all of you on your life journey. I wish all the best, safety, good fortune, peace, love... and of course, may the force be with you all.


    It is not goodbye! I posted in the Discord Announcements channel so I will share the same here - thanks for the post Tyvan!

    "Alright, nostalgia wins for another year! Enough people have shared an "Awwww the old forums!" memory that we'll keep it rolling for another year. If you would like to donate a SMALL amount to help pay for the upkeep, which as I mentioned is only $180 a year + $20-ish for the domain registration it's appreciated but absolutely not necessary. I've had people ask in the past, otherwise I wouldn't even bring it up. Email the main account at [email protected] if you'd like to and I'll give details. Otherwise, onward and upward! Have fun, play some games, and keep in touch with each other. "