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Information about The Crescent Order

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    Information about The Crescent Order


    The Crescent Order is a group of gamers gathered together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship to combine our vision, ideas, and energies to maximize our enjoyment of the various multi-player online games we play.

    Established in 2001 to play Star Wars Galaxies, TCO has evolved into a multi-game guild. We have had teams in various games, with our roots starting in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) all the way to our current game lineup. Throughout our history, no matter what games we play, one goal has always remained constant: to create and maintain a fun, friendly, inclusive gaming community that enjoys playing together.

    From casual-gamers to hardcore-raiders, completionists to crafters to collectors, our members embody the full spectrum of game play. Our members choose the games we play and how they wish to play in those games. We welcome all types and skill levels of players, from the oldest game veterans to the first-time gamers. TCO is the place for everyone to have fun.
    Current TCO Games:
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic (TCO-SWTOR)
    • Lord of the Rings Online (TCO-Lotro)
    • WildStar (TCO-WS)
    • Final Fantasy 14 (TCO-FF)
    • Minecraft (TCO-MC)
    • ARK - Survival (TCO-ARK)

    Organizational Overview

    The Crescent Order - General Charter
    These Core values fall in line with the basic rules of the team, and what we expect out of TCO members.
    1. Respect: TCO welcomes all walks of life. We do not tolerate the use of derogatory terms relating to gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status and so forth. We also refrain from discussing “hot-button” issues (such as race, religion, and politics) in public chats and forums. While TCO members are encouraged to voice their opinions and discuss topics as free-thinking individuals, public TCO forums and games are considered a safe haven for our members away from the stress of the outside world. We ask that our members respect that idea and engage in debates unrelated to gaming outside of our normal gaming arenas.
    2. Community: TCO encourages every member to get involved in the community. There are numerous events in each game chapter that are open to ALL TCO members, regardless of seniority, skill, or level. The forums are a place where TCO members from every chapter mingle and have fun together. Our chapter officers are elected from amongst our most active and admired members. If you want to contribute, let us know, or just jump in!
    3. Family Friendly: TCO is an adult gaming community. We are all mature enough to handle the occasional curse word or innuendo. However, players who habitually drop expletives in chat or are sexually inappropriate on a regular basis will find an unappreciative audience in TCO. Such players usually fit better in other guilds. That said, something is offensive to you, please contact an officer.
    4. Mature gaming: In any community, conflicts can and will arise. Mature gamers generally find ways to avoid creating unecessary conflict. Additionally, mature gamers resolve disputes in a reasonable and discreet manner. Public rants can cause potential damage to the entire community. If you are having difficulty resolving an issue with another member or non-TCO player, approach a TCO Officer for help. If your problem is with an Officer, try to find another Officer as soon as possible.

    All Guilds are only as strong as their members. Because TCO places such value on a fun, friendly, inclusive community, we set a higher bar for membership than most guilds. We don't spam guild invites, and we give each recruit careful consideration. This is the key policy that has allowed TCO to survive and thrive for more than a decade in dozens of different games. Ultimately, it is our members who define the success of TCO, so we want our members to share our love of gaming in a mature, friendly, fun, and cooperative environment.

    Game Leaders and Officers
    Each individual game chapter (TCO-SWTOR, TCO-Lotro, etc) is guided by it's own leadership core. Officers oversee the daily running of TCO groups in the games they represent. Officers are elected from the membership of each game as needed. If any member has a question or problem, your in-game officers are the first people you should turn to for help.

    TCO Council
    The Council is the administrative and guiding body of The Crescent Order. The Council determines overall TCO policy and manages the cross-guild resources, such as our voice servers and website. The current Councilors are: Rodo, Fyre, and Joesicar.

    We hope this helps you get to know TCO. If all of this feels a bit more than your used to, we understand. However, there are reasons why TCO has sustained an active gaming community since 2001. We feel that these ideas and policies are a big part of what has made our guild so successful. We hope you agree. If not, we will wish you luck in finding a guild more suitable to your tastes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the officers or start a thread in the appropriate forum.

    See you in game!

    ~TCO Council
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