What is Wildstar?

Wildstar is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, with a little bit of steampunk thrown in for good measure. It is a more action-based mmo than typical mmos.

Wildstar is F2P and can be accessed Wildstar Website. It also has one of the more relaxed style of F2P models and has its own in-game purchasable currency to give yourself subscription status. Obviously with it being F2P it goes without saying there is an in-game store. It uses NC coins (ncsofts cross-game currency) as well as a in-game obtainable currency (omnibits) for the store purchases.

Housing in Wildstar is also incredible, and as many of our members can tell you they spent forever getting to max level because they basically forgot about the game around level 15 (when you get housing) for several days.

The leadership of TCO-Wildstar is as follows.

Fyre Flameleaf/ Ice Frostleaf/ Jayde Forestwalker: Guildleader
Bull Dogge / Rabid Schanuzer : Officer
Yasreen Amari : Officer
Shacky Highwind : Officer
Chet Awesomelaser/ Liz Awesomelaser/ Rythar Silverfury: Raid Officer

Raid Information

TCO runs 1 (soon to be 2 hopefully) raid group that is currently 6/6 in Genetic Archives, and working on breaking into Datascape. Our raid days are Tues/Friday/Sunday from 8est to 11est.

We are currently looking to form up a secondary startup raid group to run other days.

About TCO in Wildstar

TCO is on the Entity-1 server and has existed since day 1 of the games launch. We are Exile side and are focused on both Raiding and general PVE, along with some PVP and just generally having fun in game. We have no level requirement for joining.

We also have a Circle (like a guild but more social-only, less organized) that is designed to help out new players as well that is headed up by Chet.

You can usually find at least a few of us in teamspeak throughout the day.

We strive to offer a fun, friendly atmosphere for gaming and enjoying the game, no matter what your focus is.