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    Is this thing on? there anybody in there???

    Just nod if you can hear me...

    Is there anyone at home?

    Srsly, just got around to registering at the new forums here a week ago and I can still only see the public forums. Just wondering if I can get the upgrade and/or if the guild is still alive.

    Otherwise, hello to all who happen to see this, and hope things are going well with you.

    FF14 crowd: FYI, there was a free trial promotion recently where you got ~4 free days of game play. Nobody else in the guild was active and the game/server population was very light overall. The in-game guild leadership has fallen to Starley Nite. I think I missed Starley in game by ~5 days. We still have the guild house. PM me for last active dates if you want to help make sure we keep the house etc.


    Greetings and love the Pink Floyd reference. I sent you a private message on this forum, hopefully you have access to those. As to FFXIV, I believe only Starley and Char are the semi-active members still in-game.
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      I still play FFXIV a few times a week, so we are in no danger of losing the TCO house You just happened to log on when I was out of town for a few days Waalter,lol. I currently am not planning on stopping playing anytime soon. I'll make sure to post and let ppl know if i do end up stopping my sub so you guys can decide if you want to do something to keep the house.



        There you go Waaltar, wecome back
        - Councilor


          Thanks Relan