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I Am Not A Heavy Metal Guitarist

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    I Am Not A Heavy Metal Guitarist

    So . . . recently when Eldrin met up with Criss and I, he'd said he thought my profile pic from the old forums made him think I was a heavy metal guitarist.

    Heh, not so much. I write Christian Pop music- LOL, and that pic with my guitar came from a music video I did. I did have shorter hair back then.

    Anyway, for those interested, here is me in all my Christian Pop/Rock glory (I'm the guy, not the girl ):

    Always wondered about that old picture as well, that's cool Chet I knew you played from past talks but no idea you did at that level.

    I'm guessing thats one you wrote? Very nice work!
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      Yeah, I wrote that song and did the arrangement, as well as played the guitars, Hammond organ, and BGVs. It was a labor of love- not very much money in this kind of thing