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*tap* *tap*...Hello? Is anyone there?

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    *tap* *tap*...Hello? Is anyone there?

    Hey all,

    Not sure if anyone remembers me - I played a character named 'Winkus Dinkus' in Wildstar (played a few others as well). News got to me a bit slow, but the other day I saw that Wildstar was shut down. It got me to thinking about this guild and I figured I'd drop in to say hey.


    I'm curious as to what you guys are up to.

    Take care and I hope to hear from you.

    Winkus Dinkus
    a.k.a, Rock Bottom, DrQuack NBush, Shropshire Slasher, Skav Evenger...(can't remember any more atm)

    No, not really. Sadly, TCO is pretty inactive these days. I think Fyre and some of the other Wildstar crew still check in every so often, so keep checking back and maybe you'll be able to connect up.


      I still check in.....but I never really played wildstar.....


        Im still around. Playing STO more often and looking at getting back into LotRO.


          Honestly I've pretty much stepped away from MMO games since Wildstar.

          Did a little stint in WoW but meh....

          I'll admit that Wildstar shutting down affected me alot more than I thought it would, I did love that game, and hate that it went the way it did.

          So for now its mainly just single player stuff, I might jump back into it someday but not any time soon.
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            Hello Fellow TCO members !!!!!

            Funny thing I was talking to Sparkfuse today asking "Hey I wonder what Fyre and the rest of the WS TCO crowd are doing now day. Let me log to the website forums" Logs in and the first thing I see is this topic.!!! what a coincidence. Hope everyone is doing great and having fun!! Any game other than STO were we might have some people playing? I see some of the old gang here and there like Chet on OW, Aluna on WoW and Khal... well on Khal stream ^_^.

            Fyre any game or disc you log in every now and then to play/chat? Miss the old gang hanging on the TS server.


              Well, if it isn't Winkus.

              I've not been playing anything lately, due to my poor internet living out in the middle of nowhere. (I live on a state park now.) Though, there is word that faster internet will be reaching me...sometime soon-ish. Then, after that, I will most likely be playing Overwatch....I miss it so! Also, college as been kicking my butt, and work...meh.

              I miss playing with you guys a lot. But not all of you, just some of you. You know who you are.

              Playing with TCO is the best time I've had gaming ever, so it's not really the same without you guys. Those 5 hours in SSM on Thanksgiving morning with Fyre, Cyan, Celene, & Bulldogge are truly one of my fondest memories in my gaming career. And it's sad that we've drifted apart after literally playing/talking to each other every day for almost a year.

              Anyways, it seems like all my posts here...I just whine and cry about how much I miss you guys and those times...I'll stop now.

              Hope everyone's lives are going well. Need to catch up sometime!

              Moz Eltoff- Flex Esper [6/6 GA][5/9 DS]
              Moz Stonevale- Healer Medic [4/6 GA]


                Well hey there, Moz It really has been a while. I'd like to echo your sentiment that some of the best game playing I had was done with this guild. Not sure what you guys are into now, but I recently picked up Star Trek Online (STO) just for something different. It helps that it's F2P. I haven't spent a lot of time with it but all I can tell you is that it seems complicated as hell. At work so I have to run off and do RL things.

                Take care and I hope to talk to you guys soon.



                  Good to see people still checking in. There are no MMOs out that I'd want to play, including WOW. Maybe if a new one comes out, we'll get back together. Maybe I'll start Star Citizen. In the meantime I've started playing League.


                    If you haven't tried FFXIV, give it a go. It's fantastic.


                      City of Heroes: Homecoming.

                      Hey, Lord Nemesis, I'm back, you son of a #$*@!

                      (Indomitable server, if anyone cares)
                      Not all those who wander are lost, but I am.


                        I've been jumping into LotRO before my civilian deployment. When I get home, I'm hoping Relan and Starz get on more.


                          I am so enjoying playing CoH again.....


                            I'd still like to get back into LotRO and/or STO again. I know I have the time for it, although it never feels like it... there's just always so much other stuff to do, you know?
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                              I still check in from time to time. We all need a new game to join up on.